The YouTube Downloader supports Drag 'n Drop

Dropping video url into textfield with mouse

Downloads multiple videos at once

Running multiple downloads at once

Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows even without window

Running in CLI mode without GUI window
Download the YouTube Downloader

YTD2 is a free Java application for downloading youtube videos as flv/mp4 files, and should run on all platforms where Java is supported.


  • Written purely in Java
  • Fully functional with mouse or without window (CLI)
  • Starts multiple threads for download
  • Supports HTTP proxy via http_proxy env. var
  • Selectable video resolution to download
  • No need to install (you are not forced to download a suspicious exe-file)
  • No hidden features - it's open source and freeware
  • Does not read/write on your computer (except for the video files)
  • Uses video title as file name
  • User-selectable download directory and video format
  • German and English versions